Eaglemoss Launches DC Comics Graphic Novels Partworks Collection in Germany [Update]

DC Comics

Following the success of Hatchett’s Marvel Ultimate Graphics Novel Collection and Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Eaglemoss has followed suit with a DC Comics version.


Currently on a trial basis in Germany each issue of DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection is presented in a hardcover format, which will combine to form a single image spread across the various book spines. The series is set to be 60-issues long, which rivals the initial Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novels release. The completed spine reveals the series may be extended at a later date.

From Google Translate:

Each story is presented in a Hardcover band, a brief introduction explains the background. Newly launched stories of the most creative minds of the comic world, including such famous artists like Jim Lee, George Perez and John Byrne or the star authors Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Denny O’Neil.

In addition, each volume includes a reprint of the defining moments from 75 years of DC history, such as the debuts of many characters of Superman up to the Joker.


The first five issues consist of:

  • Batman: Hush volumes 1 and 2
  • Superman: Last Son of Krypton
  • Justice League: Tower of Babel
  • Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

Here’s hoping the series is a success and we see it in South Africa soon.

View the DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection website here (German): http://www.eaglemoss.de/dc-sammlung/


I’ve just received word back from local Eaglemoss distributor, Jacklin Enterprises:

Please note that we have not received any indication from Eaglemoss if this collection will be launched in South Africa. If the publishers do decide to launch this collection in South Africa, it will be advertised in the relevant media sources.

Then again, they said something similar when asked about Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes series. Time will tell, and we hope it’s kind to us.


Eaglemoss has now implemented a Premium subscription for the series. For an additional € 1.50 per issues, you’ll receive three additional Green Lantern graphic novels, each over 400 pages in length.


From Google Translate:

Exclusive offer – only for subscribers!

The complete Blackest Night saga in 3 exclusive premium volumes!

If you choose the premium subscription, you get over Kollection 3 additional exclusive collector volumes. Each luxurious books is over 400 pages long and has a protective cover in the matching to your collection optics. The 3 Sonderbände tell Jeff Johns epic Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War saga from the classics to the Blackest Night – everything bzw.- for the small fee of just € 1.50 per issue.” [sic]

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