How Batman Could Beat Superman in Dawn of Justice


Batman Superman

Can Superman, the solar powered alien, be taken down by the Dark Knight of Gotham?

There are many fan theories populating the net – some which include a machine to replicate the World Engine machine used by Zod in Man of Steel. And while this might be plausible, Batman would never an entire city die in order to defeat his opponent. So here are a few more examples of ways Batman could beat Superman in a Man of Steel Universe (and of course prep time has been accounted for).

1) A Red Sun

If there is anyone that will find Superman’s weakness it will be the Dark Knight. Superman himself is unaware of the effects that a Red Sun will have on him. As seen in Man of Steel, Wayne Enterprises logo was found in outer space when Zod and Kal-El took their fight to space.

In the comics, Ali also handed Superman a vicious beating under the Red Sunlight emitter (Superman vs. Muhammad Ali 1978). Imagine what one of the world’s finest martial artists would be able to do to Clark if he has been reduced to being a buff human? Clark has never had any form of formal combat training and fully relies on the powers that the yellow sun grants him.

Batman could also mimic what was used to bring Superman down in the animated series. Luminus managed to tint the sun rays by using advanced satellite technology. This created a red sun which drained Superman of his abilities. Knowing Batman, he will find remnants of Zod’s ship, be it via Lex Luthor or Brainiac (as there was a Brainiac Easter Egg), and use this knowledge to his advantage. He could use the Wayne Enterprises Satellites to tint the yellow sun, making it a Red Sun that will drain Superman of his powers. This should guarantee a victory for the Caped Crusader.

2) Magic

Superman is vulnerable to magic. He is powered by nature and not the supernatural. At this early stage of the DC Universe, Superman has not been clued up as to his vulnerability to magic. This means the effects of magic would work on him in the same way it would on any mere mortal. Batman may be forced to look towards the supernatural in order to take Superman down. The chances of magic existing in the Man of Steel universe, however is minimal. It opens a whole new can of worms, especially if this cinematic universe doesn’t even have Kryptonite yet. That being said, it is not completely implausible. Remember Wonder Woman will be making her debut in this film too and her introduction will present an opportunity for magic – the lasso of truth and imbued blades.

3) Supergirl

If you read the Man of Steel prequel you will know that the open pod on the frozen Kryptonian ship had contained Supergirl. She was sent on an expedition and ended up in the “Sol System” after a battle with one of her team members. Their ship crashed on Earth and was buried in the snow. When Clark is notified of the signal he heads to the ship but finds it barren. However, one sleep pod is open. So Kara is out there somewhere. She was cryogenically frozen so she is still young and impressionable. Her naivety will be something that both Batman and Lex Luthor could use to their advantage. She may be able to hand Superman the beat down that Batman can capitalize on.

4) Kryptonite

There is evidence that points to the likelihood that Kryptonite will make its on-screen debut in Dawn of Justice.

As Superman and Zod clash a Utopia Casino log can be found in the background. Anthony Gallo, the owner of that very casino is a Kryptonite merchant. In the comics, he is the one that brings in this rare stone and once Lex finds out about Kryptonite’s effect on Superman, he takes full advantage of it. The second movie simply has to have Kryptonite. How else would you be able to top the fight scenes of the first movie?

If Lex were to find out about Kryptonite and the way it hurts Superman, it would only be a matter of time before the Caped Crusader would use this weakness to his advantage. This opens up so many ways in which Batman could defeat Superman, especially at a close range.

5) Phantom Zone

The Phantom Zone played a large part in the Man of Steel movie and we can be sure it will return again. It was believed that the Phantom Zone had been destroyed when Krypton was destroyed. That is why Zod and his followers were able to return from the Phantom Zone. If the Phantom Zone was destroyed what happened to all of its other prisoners? Surely, some of them also had ships and are now flying freely in space?

The answer is that the Phantom Zone is not actually destroyed. It is a black hole after all, one that can be accessed from anywhere in the universe. Should Superman go rogue in Batman vs Superman, Wayne Industries could use their knowledge of science and technology to create a Phantom Zone generator that could imprison Superman amongst the other inmates of Krypton. After all, Wayne Industries did build a machine capable of solving the World’s concern of finding sustainable clean energy… forever!

The best bets are for Batman to find out the effects of the Red Sun or that Kryptonite is introduced into Snyder’s DC Universe. These are the major ways in which the playing field can be level in order to present a fair fight between Superman and Batman. It is most likely that this “Vs” concept is being played up to the extreme. Like in many comics of the past, these two will end up only having a little scuffle – a fight in which Batman will realize the danger that a rogue Superman will present to Earth and a fight where Superman will learn about heart, fighting spirit and the greater good. Remember that anything and everything is possible in the world of comics, let’s just hope that it is enjoyable!

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