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Top 10 Greatest Superhero Movie Fight Scenes

Here we will take a look at the most epic adrenaline pumping movie fight scenes performed by our favorite superheroes. This is where we usually have a long introduction about movie fight scenes and about whats to come. Let’s skip that and get into the action!

10. Punisher vs the Russian

With classical music playing over, Thomas Jane goes head to head with a giant Russian in 2004′s The Punisher. It’s kinda looks like Danny De Vito fighting The Rock.

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  1. Aniruddh

    Superman vs General Zod > Batman vs Bane. Batman vs Bane was shit, Batman has mastered 127 Martial Arts and what he does there ? Punches and Elbows ? You kidding me ? He lost the fight easily to a Guy on Super serum.

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