Hasbro reveals Winter Soldier Spoiler


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Who would have thought that an action figure line-up would cause such a stir? Has Hasbro accidentally spoiled the entire Marvel Universe movie plan? The new Captain America: Winter Soldier toy line reveals more details than it possibly should.

Hasbro reveals Winter Soldier Spoiler

As you can see we have none other than the Red Skull himself popping up, as well as an A.I.M soldier. With Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 setting the foundation for A.I.M, I am sure that they will have a presence in the Marvel Universe from here on. Could A.I.M be the creators of the Winter Soldier in the movie adaptation? We will have to wait and see.

Alexander Pierce played by Robert Redford is a character that lives by the motto; “To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down. And that makes enemies.” This leads to the thinking that he could in fact be the Red Skull in disguise, as he would have aged by a good 72 years since his last venture in Captain America: First Avenger. But the question remains, where did he go when he was shot off into the Galaxy? Could he have returned somehow whilst Loki was using the Cosmic cube in The Avengers? It could make sense. But it is the next spoiler that could make things even more shocking.

Hasbro reveals Winter Soldier Spoiler redskull

Firstly, this could mean nothing. It could mean that Hasbro was lazy and decided to recycle an old sculpt when developing the Red Skull action figure for Marvel Legends: Winter Soldier. It could also mean that Hasbro has spoiled a potential crucial reveal in the Marvel movie universe. What if Nick Fury has been the Red Skull all along? Think about it, it could make sense. He was weaponising the cosmic cube energy in The Avengers film, leading him into a confrontation with Captain America. No other scientist besides Red Skull was able to create weapons powered by the cosmic cube in Marvel’s movie universe thus far. In fact, no one else understood it besides Red Skull and his assistant Arnim Zola. So could we be seeing Nick Fuhrer in the upcoming films? Is Alexander Pierce the Red Skull? Will we be seeing the mind warp used by Red Skull in the comics or is this over speculation? We will have to wait till next year to find out.

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