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Sir Patrick Stewart’s Touching Response To A Fan’s Question

The actor famous for Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard and mutant Professor Xavier was applauded for taking a stance on violence against women. While at Comicpalooza, a girl asked Stewart a question about what the most important thing he’d ever done besides acting was. The 72-year-old star’s answer might surprise you.

One comment on “Sir Patrick Stewart’s Touching Response To A Fan’s Question

  1. skinny p3t3

    There are so many reasons whay patrick stewart is the man

    1: rocks the bald (and pretty much hasnt aged since 1990)
    2: prof charles xavier (the role he was born to play)
    3: captain jean luc picard
    4: avery bullock (seenyor booluck is no heeer)
    5: named alongside cindy crawford as sexiest person of the year in 1992 – for amiddle aged bald due that is a seriously bad ass acomplishment
    6: Taking on star trek to fund local theatre
    7: how much fun he has with sir ian mckellan ( seriously – who has more fun than these two dudes)

    This is my new number one though – the man is a true inspiration

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