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Since the news broke about the split between Sony and Ericsson, there has been a lot of hype around the new solo venture from, what is now known as, Sony Mobile. For those who have not been following global tech news, Sony has already launched their NXT Xperia range in overseas markets. Today, 2nd May 2012, marks the official launch of the Xperia smartphone devices in South Africa.

Sony Mobile Communications introduces the Xperia NXT Series:

  • Unmatched Entertainment Experience
  • Incorporating the best of Sony technology
  • Instantly recognisable design
  • Powerful dual-core processors for faster performance

Sony Xperia Launch - Insert-01

Sony Xperia Launch - Rudiger Odenbach VP

The new range of smartphones was officially unveiled at the Sony Mobile Launch Event. The event started off with a quote from Dr. Seuss, which seemed appropriate oddly enough. “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” We were then introduced to the VP of Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa, Rüdiger Odenbach and Gordon McArthur, also from Sony. After a slight glitch with the introduction video, the remainder of the event ran quite smoothly. The devices from the Sony Xperia NXT Series includes the Xperia P, Xperia S and XPeria U. Also included in the line-up, although not part of the NXT Series, is the Xperia Solo.

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With its signature transparent look, the Xperia NXT series looks and feel amazing, and with the specs to match make a for a well-rounded smartphone. The Xperia S is the new flagship smartphone device for Sony Mobile, and with its 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU and 4.3 inch Bravia display, it isn’t hard to see why.

Sony Xperia Launch - Xperia Line-up

In regards to the event, it was held at Art on Main in Johannesburg. With an assortment of treats to start off with and the look of the venue, you can’t help but notice the Hipster style theme. The treats included a variety of sweets (see below), milkshakes (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), finger foods, a few bite-sized mains and then followed up with mini desserts. It seems almost pointless to comment on the catering, but it formed part of the theme of the night, so it seems only appropriate. The event also showcases the integration between other Sony devices like the Bravia TVs, laptops and the PS3. Even the PS Vita was in attendance, although drew limited interest, which made sense. As for the devices themselves, they are nothing short of excellent. I won’t go into too many details in that regard, as I hope to provide all the necessary information in formal reviews in the new future.

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Sony Xperia Launch - Insert-07

If you’re wondering when you too could get your hands on one of these smartphones, the wait won’t be too long either. All the Sony Xperia smartphones will be made available in South Africa during the next week. Kicking us off as per usual will be a deal from Vodacom at R299pm on Business Call, or R315pm on Top Up. For those who don’t wish to be stuck in a 24 month contract, you’re more than welcome to fork out approximately R7000 for the Xperia S (and a little less expensive for the other feature handsets).

The event was a great success. Although I managed to play around with all of the handsets available, I cannot wait to test-drive the Xperia NXT Series and put it through its paces. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long. Take a gander at a few other snapshots from the event:

In closing: The launch included a really interested video for the Xperia NXT Series, narrated by an 8 year old:

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7 Comments on "Sony Xperia NXT Series South African Launch"

  1. The Last Xperia i got my hands on for a week was simply terrible, the clean android system had been completely modified to fit Sony’s image / look / feel .

    Constant crashes even after many updates and patches ( these actually slowed the entire OS down while not fixing the majority of bugs )

    In the end i sent it back to the phone company under the 14day cooling off period (UK) as it was in my mind unusable.

    I sure hope Sony have learnt not to mess with the default OS so much on the next few releases.

  2. The new UI isn’t a major change from the previous OS, since it’s not yet ICS.
    The biggest change is that all these devices integrate much better with any other Sony product, including TVs and the PS3.
    Other than that, you might still be left disappointed.
    Let’s wait for the ICS update on these devices to make a true assessment.

    For interest sake, which Sony Xperia device did you own?

  3. Gerrit

    I see Sony has announced the ICS update for the xperia S later this month. When can we expect to get the ICS on the xperia P?

  4. Yes, definitely, just not at the same time.
    Since the Xperia S is the flagship device, it has first preference.
    But since there aren’t too many differences in hardware, I’m sure you can add an additional month or 2 for ICS on the Xperia P.

  5. kirk

    I am still waiting for the ICS update. The site says it is not available for the region. I kinda like this phone except the shit battery. But when is SA getting the update . I hate being in the dark

  6. South Africa isn’t the only country that hasn’t seen the update.
    ICS updates for Sony Xperia NXT devices have only recently started in areas outside of Asia and Europe.
    The Xperia S only received its update from the start of July, which started in Japan.

    South Africa is often the subject of late Android updates for almost all OEMs, which the main reason I flash ROMs instead of waiting.

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