7 comments on “Sony Xperia NXT Series South African Launch

  1. The Last Xperia i got my hands on for a week was simply terrible, the clean android system had been completely modified to fit Sony’s image / look / feel .

    Constant crashes even after many updates and patches ( these actually slowed the entire OS down while not fixing the majority of bugs )

    In the end i sent it back to the phone company under the 14day cooling off period (UK) as it was in my mind unusable.

    I sure hope Sony have learnt not to mess with the default OS so much on the next few releases.

  2. The new UI isn’t a major change from the previous OS, since it’s not yet ICS.
    The biggest change is that all these devices integrate much better with any other Sony product, including TVs and the PS3.
    Other than that, you might still be left disappointed.
    Let’s wait for the ICS update on these devices to make a true assessment.

    For interest sake, which Sony Xperia device did you own?

  3. Gerrit

    I see Sony has announced the ICS update for the xperia S later this month. When can we expect to get the ICS on the xperia P?

  4. Yes, definitely, just not at the same time.
    Since the Xperia S is the flagship device, it has first preference.
    But since there aren’t too many differences in hardware, I’m sure you can add an additional month or 2 for ICS on the Xperia P.

  5. kirk

    I am still waiting for the ICS update. The site says it is not available for the region. I kinda like this phone except the shit battery. But when is SA getting the update . I hate being in the dark

  6. South Africa isn’t the only country that hasn’t seen the update.
    ICS updates for Sony Xperia NXT devices have only recently started in areas outside of Asia and Europe.
    The Xperia S only received its update from the start of July, which started in Japan.

    South Africa is often the subject of late Android updates for almost all OEMs, which the main reason I flash ROMs instead of waiting.

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