Free Comic Book Day 5th May 2012

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What is Free Comic Book Day you ask? On the first Saturday in May each year, comic book stores around the world give away comic books for free. Reader’s Den in Claremont, Cape Town is one such store and will be hosting a mini comic book festival on the day. Besides being able to choose a free comic from over forty different titles, Reader’s Den will offer loads of discounts on in-store items and local comic book publishers will be there to launch their work.

Some of the notable free titles available are Marvel’s Point One issue of The-Age of Ultron, written by Brian Bendis and Pencilled by Bryan Hitch. In it Spiderwoman has gone missing and the evil fraternity, the Intelligencia is behind the kidnapping. S.W.O.R.D. asks The for help but what they end up finding is more than they could have bargained for.

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The New 52 Special Edition by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Ivan Reis previews some of the main story arcs that will follow the second wave of New 52 releases. New titles introduced are ‘ Incorporated’, ‘Dial H’, ‘Earth 2’, ‘The Ravagers’ and ‘Worlds’ Finest, which features Powergirl and The Huntress.

Dark Horse offers ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Serenity’. ‘Star Wars’ is scripted by Zack Whedon and pencilled by David Fabbri. It follows Han Solo and as they try to survive the shady Verhandle. ‘Serenity’ is another space romp that features captain Mal Reynolds and his adept crew on the outlaw vessel, Serenity. The story follows the events after the film of the same name and is written by Whedon and pencilled and inked by Fabio Moon.

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Oni Press Inc. adapt the popular Nickelodeon kids show, Yogabba Gabba as well as Super Martian Robot-Girl. Other notable free comics to look out for are ‘Ultimate Spiderman 1’, ‘The 1‘ and Stieg Larsson’s, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ by Vertigo.

So join superhero fans around the world at your local comic book store and celebrate Free Comic Book Day. Go to the official site at or visit

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