The Tupac Hologram

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It is quite sad that the dead can’t be left in peace as it was meant to be for eternity. For many years people have question the validity of the death of Tupac Shakur, and I’m sure the hologram will fuel fresh rumours that he is alive.

I was so excited when I saw Tupac perform at Coachella (watch the video here), I could feel goose pimples forming albeit through a viral video. The hologram looked and moved just like he did, sounded like him and even had the overall look…freaky yet cool. Giddy with excitement I thought it was a novel idea and for some reason all I heard in my mind was caa-ching. I can’t imagine anyone giving their consent to make money off their likeness after death.

It’s a strange concept making money off the dead. My moral senses started tingling when I heard the line-up of performers getting the hologram effect. Michael Jackson (real surprise there), Left eye (from TLC) and possibly the king himself Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson was obviously no big shocker, not because of his legendary status but because of his infinite earning potential. Although Dr. Dre says that there are no plans for a concert tour, one has to bear in mind he is a business man.

elvis hologram

Celine Dion shares the stage with Elvis hologram

AV Concepts and Digital Domain, responsible for Tupac holo, are not divulging any of the secrets that make their concept possible. Reports disclose that the hologram took four months to create and apparently cost between $100, 000-$400, 000 to create. Dubbed Pepper’s Ghost, named after its creator, this is by no means a new technology. It was first used in the 1800’s. It is an illusion created with plates that reflect light from a hidden room giving the image its ghost like appearance.

I was obviously excited when I saw the Tupac Hologram video I can’t even deny it. The thought of making a profit of someone’s death is morally reprehensible. And sick as it may be, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Michael Jackson’s ghost moon walking across the stage soon and will have fans forking out a small fortune to see it.

only tron can judge me

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