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SimCity 5 Official Announcement Trailer

“SimCity is back and bigger than ever with a new 3D world to create and control and multi-player to play with your friends for the first time.”

SimCity 5 Trailer Insert SimCity 5 Official Announcement Trailer

Developed under the Maxis label (a subsidiary of Electronic Arts), the upcoming city-building/urban planning simulation computer game is a reboot of the SimCity series. Officially announced in March, the SimCity 5 title is due for release in 2013, and is currently in early development stages.

SimCity 5 Trailer Crash SimCity 5 Official Announcement Trailer

This release of SimCity will again include online gameplay as an addition, allowing a singular region to have many cities from different players. Good news for followers of the franchise is that SimCity 5 will allow modding, although this will only be due after the first patch. If the trailer is anything to go by, the game will definitely look the part.

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