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When using the word charging, the name of PowerTraveller isn’t too far behind. With a long line-up of portable charging devices, PowerTraveller has certainly become an industry forerunner. I got my hands on one of their latest charging gadgets, the MotorMonkey. The MotorMonkey is a car charging kit, with a full set of attachments fitting almost all mobile devices.

“In-car chargers have never looked so good…”

Most smartphones manufacturers are opting to use the default MicroUSB port for charging and connectivity. Despite this, there still remain a few big name players opting away from not to follow this standard. With a total of 8 different connections, the MotorMonkey covers most of your mobile device charging needs, including a few device-specific ports.

MotorMonkey - Contents

The content of the box includes the following:

  • MotorMonkey
  • USB connectors
  • Samsung M300/G600 tip
  • Nokia & Mini Nokia tip
  • MicroUSB
  • MiniUSB
  • Sony Ericsson wide connector
  • DC 4.0 connector for PSP
  • LG Chocolate connector

Although the device will spend most of the time stored away in your car, the MotorMonkey easily fits into any pocket (more comfortable than the PowerMonkey).

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The irony of your smartphone (on occasion some of your other mobile devices) having limited battery life when you need it the most is enough to drive some of us insane. Between the portable PowerMonkey and the in-car MotorMonkey, PowerTraveller covers all your portable charging requirements, and are guaranteed to save any stress related to low battery life, especially with smartphone use of today. And although there are in-car chargers available for all devices on the market, the MotorMonkey provides a single solution for multiple devices.

MotorMonkey - Connectors

At a cost of R199 (Mobile Gadgets), the MotorMonkey is quite inexpensive. Considering that a normal in-car charge could cost anywhere between R50 and R200, depending on the originality and brand of the product, the price is even more reasonable, with 8 different charging connectors. And with an increase of phobias related to being without the use of your mobile device, isn’t it reassuring to know that there are cost effective and efficient solutions on the market?

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You can find the full specifications here.

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