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Although Anti-virus software still remain one of the top grudge purchases for PC users, it’s also fundamental to keep your PC running smoothly. Released in March 2012, Norton 360 v6 is the latest anti-virus software from Symantec in a list containing 15 different anti-virus and PC protection software packages.

With a few additions to the list over Norton Internet Security 2012, the 6th version of Norton 360 gives more power to PC users, assisting in more than just anti-virus protection, which is marketed as the “all-in-one” security suite for your PC (Windows only).

“Your power against online threats and file loss.”

“Premium Security. Backup. Live Support.”

Norton 360 v6 - Main Menu

There are 2 main differences Norton 360 v6 has over Norton Internet Security 2012, which include:

  • Backup and restore – online storage to safely backup videos, photos, files, etc.
  • PC TuneUp – PC assistant to help speed up performance, remove redundant files, etc.

The Backup and Restore feature is capable of backing up important files to your online or an external storage device. Included with the software, Symantec provides users with 2GB Online Storage, used to safely backup files.

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PC TuneUp gives delivers more power to users. The software helps users improve PC performance with the ability to optimise PC usage, storage space, memory allocation, etc. PC TuneUp increases storage space by scanning your PC for redundant and unused files, and frees up memory allocation by removing unwanted programs at Start-Up and those running in the background that aren’t of any use. Although this is something more experiences users will be familiar with, it’s definitely a handy, easy to use extra for the novice user.

Norton 360 v6 also provides an option to scan your Facebook wall. At first this seemed more like a gimmick than an actual feature, the ability to scan links posted on your wall by yourself, or other posts that are visible from your Facebook page, is more than useful. This feature blocks off all suspicious links posted on your wall.

Norton 360 v6 offers a host of other features, which you may view at the review of Norton Internet Security 2012. Although the software packages aren’t identical (most notably the User Interface), the list of features remains the same.

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Norton 360 v6 - Settings Norton 360 v6 - Online Storage Norton 360 v6 - Scans

Norton 360 v6 will cost R799 (recommended retail price) for a 1 year subscription for up to 3 PCs. Once installed, online activation is required to commence usage of the software, which also marks the start of the 1 year subscription. There is, however, an odd situation that arises when the 1 year subscription lapses. Expiration blocks access to program updates, as well as shuts down the anti-virus and the firewall. This in itself seems harmless. What bugs me is that all other features will also not be accessible. The biggest issue lies in the bundled password manager, locking the user out of the internet password database created and stored on their PC.

For those interested, the Premium Subscription costs R899, which increases Online Storage from 2GB to 25GB.

With the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29th February 2012, there were concerns about Norton 360’s compatibility with Microsoft’s latest OS. Symantec has announced in an official post that Norton Anti-Virus, Internet Security, as well as Norton 360 v6 will be compatible with Windows 8. Compatibility remains standard for Windows XP (excluding Windows XP 64-bit installations), Windows Vista and Windows 7, and even Linux (if ever required).

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