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Most of us have dreamed about it since we were able to form our own thoughts. A good few scientists have been trying to make this possible, most likely since as long as television has existed. Augmented Reality exists in many forms, and can even been found in gaming devices such as the Nintendo 3DS. Google, however, has taken this a step further with a pair of augmented reality glasses to complete the Google experience. Codenamed Project Glass, the glasses are part of the Google X offices for experimental projects.

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This was first sidelined by most major blogs earlier in the week thanks to the many April Fool’s jokes making the rounds. This project fantasises about the vision for the near future. Although the demonstration video suggests that this technology could appear on the market sometime around the corner, I can’t help but think it will be a few more years until the technology is perfected and put to everyday use. Along with technology itself, integrating the different aspects of its use also brings more questions than answers.

Google Project Glass - Contact Lens

Don’t be fooled by my somewhat negative comments, I’m really excited by the idea of this becoming a reality, however long it may take. The contact lens (shown above) demonstrates what you’ll have to put up with when it comes bringing Project Glass into fruition. Check out the cool video below; I’m sure you’ll also wish that you could buy one today, assuming the role of the Terminator.

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