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God of War Ascension Teaser Trailer

It would seem that retail giant Amazon spoiled Sony’s fun, announcing a new God of War before they had a chance to announce it publicly. While Amazon worked quickly to remove the listing, gamers across the globe were quick to grab the teaser trailer and box art.

God of War Ascension God of War Ascension Teaser Trailer

“God of War: Ascension brings back Kratos for a new adventure. It’s not called God of War 4 because it’s not a sequel. Instead, it takes place much earlier in the series’ timeline.

“Many know the legend of Kratos, the mortal turned god who brought down the very walls of Olympus. But there was a time before Kratos became the monster known as the Ghost of Sparta,” says the voiceover in the trailer. “A time when something other than rage consumed him, a time when in spite of the madness that plagued him, Kratos would break his blood oath to an unjust god. A time when he would no longer be bound in blood.”

After God of War 3′s ending, it would have been anyone’s guess that there would be a new chapter in the series. Either way, Playstation owners have another reason to celebrate!

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