Avengers HeroClix Launch

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Tucked away in a sleepy corner of High Street in the Tygerberg area of Cape Town sits a rare treat for any avid enthusiast of fun: A genuine hobby store the likes of which there are very few nowadays. With a range of comics, figures and trading card games, there’s more than enough to keep the average nerd going when cruising for the latest accessory or game for the weekend, but at the same time, there’s an assortment of classic model construction kits and puzzles and games that make an exciting change for the whole family from having another boring game of Monopoly instead.

The crowning assortment for me personally happened to be the range of board-games, most of which I had never seen in another store before. They ranged from fun, whimsical adventures themed around things such as Zombies or Pirates, to the rather more strategic and tactical warfare type games. There were even many games themed around existing franchises, such as Lord of the Rings, or George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

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For the more practical minded though, and for those with a love of classic trains and planes and ships, the model section is definitely worth a look, providing the same attention to detail and construction fun that has been available with this genre for decades. For the more modern builder, Fanaticus also offers a range of small robotic models, perfect for trying something new and exciting with.

Their newest addition to their store is stock of and support for the HeroClix range, which launched there recently with the arrival of Marvel and Avenger themed series, to tie into the upcoming movie. HeroClix is a strategy game revolving around the use of small figures representing various characters, each with their own stats printed on them. Starter kits are available, but more characters are to be found in booster packs, making for an interesting new toy and game to collect. Marvel figures are not the only version of this series however, as Lord of the Rings HeroClix were also available.

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Fanaticus offers a small area to play or try out your game, which is a pleasing concept to find in a store. The peaceful atmosphere of the surrounding area adds to the enjoyment of taking things slow as you look for a new way to entertain yourself over those long weekends with friends or family. If you are not able to access their store, their website offers shipping nationwide, and with the sorts of products they offer, this might be your only chance to get a hold of some of these hidden treasures.

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