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A month ago we reviewed the Logitech H250 Headset; today it’s the Logitech H600 Headset’s turn. The H600 is a more upmarket headset within Logitech’s H-series, and offers wireless capabilities. With its 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, the H600 offers precision audio. As with most of Logitech’s wireless range, the headset is paired to your PC by means of a plug-in and forget, Nano receiver. Anything other than a Nano receiver these days just seems bulky and not worth the effort. The wireless connection will still play loud and clear, stereo sound at a distance of more than 10m, thanks to Logitech’s laser-tuned drivers. If you go behind a wall, or something similar, you will certainly pick up some distortion. Depending on the distance between yourself, the wall and the receiver, you may or may not have the quality you require.

“Cut loose from your PC with wireless audio for your calls and music.”

Logitech H600 - Box

Since this is a wireless device, you’re expected to have to charge it eventually. For a headset as lightweight as the H600, and with no visible design restrictions to incorporate a battery, you can still expect to get a good 6 hours of power off one charge. When the battery does need recharging, simply connect it to your PC with its micro-USB cable. The standardisation of most devices to use micro-USB ports makes it easier to recharge and use, meaning you only ever have to carry one cable in order to recharge your smartphone, headset, and whatever else you may require.

The headset also comes with a noise-cancelling microphone, which is reduces background noise, making it very good when making calls or communicating while gaming. For those who don’t find use for the built-in microphone, it simply folds away under the right side speaker by means of its rotating arm.

Logitech H600 - Side

The H600 comes with a few additional features that are sure to please the user. When the H600 is not in use for some period of time, there’s no real need to worry about battery drain, as the standby mode means it retains its battery life, even when left on all day. I put the standby mode to a test and found that even after 3 days you can simply pick it up and continue using without needing a recharge.

The next feature is the built-in volume, power and mic-mute buttons. The latter are pretty straightforward on-off buttons, whereas the volume keys are hidden within the blue rim on the outside of the right side speaker. Not being one for manuals and guides, I found the volume keys by chance on first use, as I increased the volume while adjusting the length of the headband.

The last of the features is the H600’s ability to fold away after use, making it easier to store. Although this isn’t a wow-factor, it does assist the user when storing in a laptop back, or something similar.

Logitech H600 - Features

The biggest negative of this device is its foam speaker covering. Although the audio quality of the speakers themselves is decent, the use of such an old-fashioned design is a big let-down. Logitech’s persistence with the foam covers speakers is rather questionable. The more comfortable cushion-type covers are certainly more desirable, even though they tend to tear sooner than its foam counterparts.

With costs starting at around R550, to an average around R600, the H600 is almost double the cost of the H250. But does it have double the features? In short, yes. With its wireless and folding capabilities, long-lasting battery, and design superiority over the H250, the H600 is definitely worth double as much. That been said, however, R600 is on the pricey side when considering a purchase of a headset.

The conclusion is, thus, a simple one. If you can find a wireless headset with the same features, which has better speaker coverings, then don’t buy the Logitech H600. Be careful in your choice, though, as all Logitech speakers, earphones and headphones are of excellent quality. And unless you really need to use a headset while using your PC, say at work, then you would be better off buying a full set of Logitech surround sound speakers, which costs roughly the same.

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