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Why I hate reality

If I watch another Kardashian spin-off I think I might just switch off my television completely. Oh My Goodie bag, what’s next? Mason takes pre-school? I am quite ashamed to say that I put myself into reality show rehab, after I realised it was one in the morning and I hadn’t moved since about 6pm that evening watching a Kardashian marathon. Ooh now that would make a good reality show: Reality Rehab.

With South Africa now hopping on the bandwagon you know that reality shows have reached their peak of popularity. I only say this because South African TV producers only invest in something once it’s completely played out. In other words they have no imagination and couldn’t come up with anything original themselves.

Let’s face it reality shows aren’t going away anytime soon. I mean if you are a celebrity there is no question that you are an attention whore. And what do you do if you want to expand your brand? Get a reality show! That just makes good business sense, right? In my opinion South Africa hasn’t really found their niche in the reality show business. With shows like: So what, Twins and What’s her face goes to Hollywood (I couldn’t care to remember her name) I can only say a silent prayer every night that there won’t be a second season of any of those shows.

Sadly, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and when you can name all the Kardashian’s and their offspring in order you definitely have a problem. I have since started watching the news again because I have since had an epiphany that their pitiful everyday problems can’t compare to those people who live in the real world. And if that still doesn’t get you out of your reality show fix: “They” make millions everyday doing nothing while you have to go work every day just to make ends meet so you can watch them decide on which nail colour is hot this season.

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  • http://www.uj.ac.za/EN/CorporateServices/hr/Pages/home.aspx rogue_riezo

    Confessions of a male Kardashian Lover.

    Its the dumbest, silliest, most fickle abomination currently on air on TV but I just cant stop watching. Those weekend marathons drained precious time that I coulda spent curing cancer or addressing this little squabble in the middle east.

    Is the problem REALLY with reality TV or could it be that there isnt anything much better on TV anymore? I basically watch Survivor & KUWTK, the rest of the time my TV is used for gaming, movies or shows on blu ray.

    Bring back 90′s MTV please.

  • http://www.jarrod.co.za/ Jarrod Saunders

    Lol. Great comment Rogue_Riezo.

    I must admit I never got into the whole Kardashian thing – thank goodness. But I’ve seen my fair share of reality tv. My favourites are the court based shows – like Judge Judy and Curtis Court.

    Honestly, I stopped watching TV when Everybody loves Raymond stopped airing. It all seemed downhill from there on.

    Although I must admit to being a Homeland and Game of Thrones fan.

    But your point is valid. TV isn’t the same and we have’ta resort to the lows of Reality TV to get our TV fix.