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Whether you’re an executive accountant, work in a factory or even a policeman, we all have one thing in common. The majority of us have had the same conversion at least once within the last 5 years. Now you’re thinking that I’m possibly just making things up. The conversation starts off something to this effect: “Do you remember the cartoon?”

We all grew up watching our favourite cartoons on TV, planning our every move around the time they would be broadcast. The amount of time spent watching these cartoons seem to border on the insane, drawing pictures of characters such as He-Man, the sword from Thundercats, or the awesome cars from M.A.S.K. Now that I’ve got your attention, I will ask you the question: Do you remember any of these next cartoons?

Classic Cartoons - Wallpaper

I’ve compiled a list of cartoons and kid shows I watched when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s. If there are any cartoons or kid shows you think I’ve missed, please feel free to add a comment below and I’ll update the list:


101 Dalmatians, 2 Stupid Dogs, Action Force, Aladdin, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Animaniacs, Arthur, Astro Farm, Babar the Elephant, Banana Man, Batman, Battle of the Planets, Beetlejuice, Biker Mice from Mars, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bionic Six, Bonkers, Brakenjan, Bravestarr, Bump in the Night, Calvin and Hobbes, Captain Planet, Care Bears, Casper and Friends, Centurions, Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Conan the Barbarian, Creepy Crawlers, Danger Mouse, Darkwing Duck, Davie Crocket, Dennis the Menace, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dino Riders, Dinosaucers, Doug, Double Dragon, Dr. Snuggles, Droopy, Ducktales, Earthworm Jim, Ewoks, Exosquad, Fang Face, Fantastic Four, Felix the Cat, Flash Gordon, Fraggle Rock, Freakazoid, G.I. Joe, Galaxy Rangers, Garfield and Friends, Gargoyles, Get Along Gang, Ghostbusters, Gobots, Gooftroop, Goosebumps, Grady Greenspace, Gumby, Gummi Bears, Heathcliff, Heidi, He-Man, Hercules, House of Mouse, Huckleberry Hound, Hulk, Huxley Pig, Inspector Gadget, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Jimbo and the Jet Set, Johnson and Friends, Kideo, Looney Tunes, M.A.S.K., Magilla Gorilla, Mario and Luigi, Marsupilami, Maya the Bee, Mega Man, Men in Black, Mightor, Mighty Man and Yuck, Mighty Max, Mighty Mouse, Mina Moo, Moemin, Monchichis, Monster Force, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, Mr. Bogus, Mucha Lucha, Mummies Alive, My Little Pony, My Pet Monster, Nello en Patrasche, Once Upon a Time…Man, Paddington Bear, Panda Tao Tao, Paw Paw, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Pinky and the Brain, Pirates of Dark Water, Pokel, Pole Position, Popeye, Popples, Pumpkin Patch, Punky Brewster, Quick Draw McGraw, Raggy Dolls, Rainbow Brite, Recess, Ricochet Rabbit, Ring Raiders, Robocop, Rocket Power, Ruff and Reddy, Saber Riders, Samurai Pizza Cats, Scooby-Doo, Secret Squirrel, Sharky and George, She-Ra Princess of Power, Shoe People, Silverhawks, Skybolt, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman, Spiral Zone, Starchaser, Street Sharks, Super Campeones, Super Ted, Superman, Swamp Thing, Swat Kats, Talespin, Tasmanian Devil, Teddy Ruxpin, The Addams Family, The Adventures of Tin Tin, The Angry Beavers, The Animals of Farthing Wood, The Care Bears, The Family-Ness, The Flintstones, The Little Mermaid, The Jetsons, The Lone Ranger, The Magic Schoolbus, The Mask, The MuskerHounds (Brak en Jan), The Mysterious Cities of Gold, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Pink Panther, The Poddington Peas, The Power Team, The Raccoons, The Rugrats, The Silver Surfer, The Smurfs, The Tick, The Tigersharks, The Wombles, The World of David the Gnome (Dawie die Kabouter), The Wuzzles, Thundercats, Timon and Pumbaa, Tiny Toon Adventures, Tom and Jerry, Top Cat, Transformers, Turbo Teen, Vicky the Viking, Voltron, Whacky Races, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Where’s Wally, Widget the World Watcher, Wild C.A.T.S. Woody Woodpecker, Yogi Bear, and, finally, X-men.

There are a number of others that I cannot recall, two of which really bug me. The first is a cartoon about a kid playing a video game of some sort then is transported into the game world. There are 3 characters; one is a Blue Big Foot 4×4 Truck, a tomato with green hair, and the hero with a sword. The second cartoon involves singing green mice, which have pointy alien ears. These mice sing opera most of the time.

Although I have a separate list of my favourite cartoons to watch when I was a kid, I chose a top 5 list based on which of these cartoons had the best introduction or theme song.

These are my top 5:

5. M.A.S.K.

4. Fraggle Rock

3. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

2. Gummy Bears

1. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

There are a few others that could have made the list but didn’t quite compare to the intros above. These included BraveStarr, TaleSpin, Marsupilami, Doug, Ducktales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which complete my top 11 cartoon intros. I’m sure different introductions would have a lot more meaning to each individual, so again, if you wish to send us your favourite intros, please feel free to do so.

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