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There’s no limit to the type of gadgets available in today’s market. From the outright crazy, to the sophisticated, elegant and conservative, there are too many to count. The trend in recent years has been to make these gadgets smaller; pocket-sized the word to describe most. If there’s one thing I enjoy it’s nifty, pocket-sized gadgets: from portable speakers to chargers and smartphone add-ons. The Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver fits this profile. But is it as good as any of the previous pocket-sized gadgets reviewed previously?

Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver - Hands

As seen in the image above, the device is quite small, as it fits comfortably in the palms of your hand. It connects to your speakers, TV or Hi-Fi via a set of cables, RCA or 3.5mm to 3.5mm. The nifty feature about this device is its ability to connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth, from which you can stream your music. The connection is as simple as searching for Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver and then pairing the two. You’ll know that the devices have been paired when the blue LED lights up on the receiver. Although this works great with smartphones and similar devices, it may also be used via your laptop’s Bluetooth.

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Having setup the streaming in less than 5 minutes, the device is extremely easy to use, something you ask your Gran to do. All jokes aside, with only two cables (one being the power cable) and no onboard buttons, the really should be no hassles in setting up the audio receiver. The quality of the sound varies on quite a number of factors. These include the cables in use, the device you connect the receiver to, and also the smartphone/laptop you pair it with. Although it doesn’t seem like much, these are too many variables to complete such a simple task. With that in mind, I cannot confirm that the quality will be up to scratch when you setup your device, with audio quality fluctuating randomly at times.

Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver - Cables

I’m all for cool, compact gadgets, but the price will always play a big role in the whether the device is will be any good in the market. Pricing on all gadgets these days seem arbitrary, with even the simplest and smallest of gadgets started on average around R500. The Belkin Bluetooth Audio Receiver is no different in this regard, priced at R500. Why though? This device has only one function. And it’s not a standalone device either, making the price just that bit cheekier. There’s plenty one could add to this device without taking away from its portability, but keeping the device as simple and straight forward as it is gives it its appeal.

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If you really wanted to, you could just by a set of audio cables to connect your smartphone to your Hi-Fi, etc. without debating the cost. All-in-all, this device looks goods and performs well, and if it wasn’t for the cost, would make it a worthwhile purchase.

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