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On the 11th of February 2012, over 200 guests gathered to witness the official launch of yesHEis.Africa at a Gala event hosted by CVC (Christian Vision) Media.

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yesHeis.Africa is part of a global initiative that strives to encourage Christians to share their faith online.

It serves as a Christian resource for a variety of high-quality content that is impactful, meaningful, relevant and above all else, emulates the love of Jesus. The content on the site may be in the form of videos, websites or images. Ultimately, yesHeis.Africa acts as an online filter, collecting relevant Christian material online which is then categorised and tagged, so that users may easily find what they are looking for by simply searching for their specific needs.

The concept of yesHeis is quite revolutionary and has already been established in many countries around the world. Africa however, needed its own identity and thus a yesHEis.Africa was created to see to the needs of our culture and lifestyles.

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Although a lot of the content on yesHeis.Africa can be personally enjoyed, the main objective is for all the material to be shared online through social media sites. This is where the revolutionary bit happens to come in. yesHEis.Africa is not about connecting people to the brand but rather about connecting people to people through the action of sharing, posting and blogging on social network sites.

This is about giving Christians the opportunity and platform to have a bold voice online, by being able to share Christian content that is relevant and real.

“yesHEis.Africa sets out to equip you with the ability to be able to navigate your way online, particularly in social networks, so that you can be a positive influence to your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter and viewers on Youtube,” says Online Resource Co-ordinator, Tamrin Feldman. “We at yesHEis.Africa, by no means intend to replace the traditional notion of ‘on the ground evangelism’, we instead intend to be able to work alongside these missions and hopefully work towards the common purpose of fulfilling The Great Commission.”

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