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Film production (working) tile: The Lost Son
Genre: Drama-feature
Language: Sign language with English subtitles
Produced by: CVC Media
In collaboration with: Talking Hands
Contemporary Adaptation of: the Biblical story ‘The Prodigal Son.’
Director: Jarrod Saunders
Writers: Andy & Lynda James
Cast: Christopher Galada, Jenelle Ramsami and Richard Dyabuza

‘The Lost Son’ is an innovative, contemporary adaptation of the Biblical story; The Prodigal Son, featuring an entire lead cast of deaf actors/actresses. Jacob, fresh out of school and dissatisfied with life, asks his father, a prosperous car workshop owner, for his inheritance in order to start a business venture in Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon arrival, he meets up with an old friend, Teboho, and soon finds himself caught up in a world of gambling, bars and women. When his father becomes increasingly worried, having not heard from Jacob, he sends Benjamin, his older brother, to look for him. While Benjamin tries hard to track him down, Jacob learns valuable lessons with regards to the importance of family, true friendship, and forgiveness.

Bus scene The Lost Son

There are currently 600 000 deaf people in South Africa who use South African Sign language as their first language in order to communicate. South African sign language is very different from other sign languages around the world; consequently the deaf community cannot understand programmes for the deaf that are made in the USA or UK. This tends to marginalize the deaf community of South Africa from receiving good quality impactful Christian content in their own language.

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Mob Scene The Lost Son

‘Talking Hands’, who have set out to ’love, serve and empower the Deaf into being a part of God’s Kingdom on earth’’, have collaborated with CVC Media to create a film that will feature an entire lead cast of Deaf actors/actresses. We hope to create an entertaining, informative and impactful film that will be made available to the entire Deaf community throughout South Africa. We hope that our film will work to allow the Deaf to ‘hear’ the Gospel with their eyes and that this will work to stir a translation into the language of their hearts!

CVC Media wants this project to not only impact the local Deaf community at large, but to inspire and challenge others towards generating meaningful and relevant content.

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Jarrod currently works as a filmmaker (director, writer, editor), but has previous experience as a multimedia developer, web designer, DTP operator, graphic designer, layout artist and a sound engineer. His work can be viewed at

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