7 comments on “Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse

  1. Zayne

    I got this for a good 6 months now… 😛 Awesum mouse… Only CONs are that you gotta change the battery every 2nd day and the software is not as good as it should be…

  2. I don’t really mind changing the battery, especially since it has become a norm to charge your phone every day.
    Also it only takes a minute to swap
    the batteries.
    I do agree about the software, there should have been a few more customisations added for all the buttons, and a few more features.
    Still the best mouse I’ve ever used.

  3. That seems like a good idea. I’m sure with today’s development, it should be possible. Maybe something similar to the way the PS3 controller works. Then you can use the batteries only when you require.

  4. I would think so, but it depends on whether the tablet supports it.
    I tested the R.A.T. devices on 2 tablets that supports mouse inputs, and it worked on both, but just the basic functionality.

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