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Blackberry Empathy

Those going goo-goo for the featured image – slow your row. Don’t get too excited. This is only a concept phone.

At the Art Center College of Design, designers Kiki and Daniel have tried to incorporate an interface that integrates human emotions with the concept of social networking. The Blackberry Empathy phone works with a biometric ring that reads a person’s emotional state. Conveying the feelings of the wearer, this piece allows the communication over social networks to become deeper. So if you’re sad the phone shows a specific colour and if you’re happy a different colour.

Specs-wise it features a transparent OLED screen that becomes transparent when not in use and opaque during interaction. The front is all touch surface, while on the back there is a physical keyboard.

While the Blackberry Empathy does look like the type of phone that would put Blackberry back in the game its highly unlikely that we will ever see this type of phone released. Least not any time soon!

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  • MjeEZy

    WOW!!! Now that’s the coolest cellphone ever damn is it already released? Wow!!!!!

  • Jarrod Saunders

    Nope. This would probably put Blackberry back in the race. But unfortunately, this is just a concept phone.