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There are numerous amounts of portable speakers on the market today; too many to count or even keep track of. In a recent review, we’ve seen Tier One’s Mighty Dwarf portable speaker, an up and coming challenger to the more famous brands available. We’ve also seen the likes of one of those famous brands, the shoX solo portable speaker to be more specific. This time around it’s the turn of the WOWee One Classic portable speaker with Gel Audio. Unfortunately, there is no SD Card input for true portability (in the form of an MP3 player) this time around, so why bother considering it over the first two in the first place?

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Right off the bat, the WOWee One Classic is notably larger than the shoX solo and Mighty Dwarf, but is surprisingly much lighter than the former. In the design department, there is very little to write home about, without even needing to compare it to the previous two. Although you can find them in four different colour schemes, and the distinctions aren’t great either. As mentioned earlier, there is no SD card slot, but with most of your music already on your mobile phone, it’s not all that necessary.

WOWee One Classic - Colours

Again you might be asking yourself why consider the WOWee One Classic at all, but now that I’ve picked out all its flaws, it’s time to look at what makes it different, and better than the other portable speakers. To start off with, it’s much louder, even though it has a similar 2W output. As with the Mighty Dwarf, the WOWee One Classic also uses vibration on the surface it’s rested on to generate better sound, adding some bass. And although there isn’t as much vibration, there is no real need, as the bass is less distorted and has a clearer sound quality. Its 3.5mm jack cable allows you to play music from a number of different sources, including your PC/laptop and mobile phone.

To round it all off, the WOWee One Classic has an integrated Lithium Ion 3.7v battery. So what does this mean to you? A battery life of around 20 hours to play with. If you’re using your smartphone, it’s more likely that it will run out of gas before the speaker does.

WOWee One Classic - Connection

The device is not at all complicated to use, as it automatically switches on once you’ve inserted the cable into the jack (the blue light serves to verify that it is indeed on). So, with its long battery life and clear sound, this portable speaker has more than enough to justify its cost of roughly R450, again, a similarity to both the Mighty Dwarf and shoX solo. Once again, I’ll leave the choice up to the readers, as we all have our own preferences, but I can assure you that the WOWee One Classic is a worthy competitor on the market.

You can purchase the WOWee One Classic online at Mobile Gadgets.

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