Kanye West’s Runaway Short Film

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From the opening shot of Runaway it’s clear Kanye West is operating on a new level — both visually and musically (especially when you consider that this is still Hip Hop music). It’s a video so out there it is better seen than described.

The 34 minute long video opens up with West running, like his life depends on it, down a dark road (forest) with ominous fog behind him. Classical music plays over the visually impressive scene, which has colour grading like we’ve never seen before. Skies are red, black’s have a purplish blue grade – everything pops with colour.

West is then seen rapping in his Diablo, racing the car down the same road from earlier, when… A fireball plummets from the sky. The car skids. Lying within the ash lies a half-naked phoenix babe. Kanye does what anyone rapper would – he rescues her and takes her back to his crib!

Soon he is introducing her to nature, culture and music.

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Kanye Runaway music video

The colour grading is by far the best I have ever seen for any music video ever. Period. Kanye mentioned in a later interview that he was inspired by the colour palette used in Disney’s Fantasia.

At the very end the message of this bizarre, yet brilliant, abstract video piece is revealed: “Anything that is different you try to change, you try to tear it down.”

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7W0DMAx8FY’]

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