Idees Vol Vrees Book


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[Written by Bradley Kirsten]

Author: Kobus Galloway
ISBN: 9781770223745
Format: Softcover
Release Date: October 2011
Pages: 160

I love the use of clever words. I am a big Word Nerd and ‘IDEES VOL VREES’ is staple sustenance for a Word Nerd like me.

ideas vol vrees comic strip

If you know what a ‘kakkerlak’ is, have ever put a ‘tjop’ on a ‘braai’, and you know who ‘Die Antwoord’ are, then you could get your head around these colourful creations. If you’ve lived in South Africa for long enough to know that a robot is not family of R2-D2, and you like puns, homophones and other equally enthralling figures of speech I’m more than willing to offer you a ride to the book store. You gotta’ own one of these!

idees vol vrees book

This 154 page ‘Greatest Hits Collection’ is product straight from the mind of the funny man and professional illustrator, Kobus Galloway, who has gained cult status on Facebook for his very witty comic strips. Although I managed to wade through all 154 single frame comics in about 10 minutes it was by no means the end of the fun. I also succeeded in getting others to laugh at some of the stills, by showing them some of my favourites. I’d often laugh with them and then at them and then laugh again after I explain why it’s funny – wiping the odd look of confusion from their faces. I loved doing that. Why? Simply, because it made me feel pretty smart.

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ideas vol vrees book

The only serious drawback from an otherwise very un-serious book is that unless you have an above average grasp of the Afrikaans language the humour will be completely lost on you. While some of the comics left me with nothing more than a blank expression, I often found myself laughing even when they weren’t funny. My wife, who often joined me in my reading, regularly laughed out loud to all the ones I didn’t find funny. This clearly illustrated to me that there’s plenty of pun in ‘Idees Vol Vrees’ for everyone!

idees vol vrees book review

While most of Kobus’ works can be found electronically on Facebook, and of course on his website, the book manages to sum up some of his best works, removing all the hard work of searching through the lot yourself. I’m going to leave my copy on the coffee table, allowing all my visitors to be entertained, while I quietly hope for popularity by association. Smart right?

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idees vol vrees

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