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Faceless by Bruce Sutherland

[Written by Bradley Kirsten]

Author: Bruce Sutherland
ISBN: 9781770222830
Format: Softcover
Release Date: November 2011
Pages: 256

“Do not read this!” I must confess that this was the 1st of a series of thoughts that made their way through my mind after about 15 seconds into ‘FACELESS’ by Bruce Sutherland. This collection of cartoon strips is offensive, vulgar, risqué, and inappropriate… and THAT’S why this comic strip has such a huge following. Why else would Bruce need to take his cartoon strips to the publishers to create a compilation of over 1 thousand of his best bits?

faceless book Faceless by Bruce Sutherland

Faceless relies completely on the text for its laughs. The visual are boring, without much imagination and you’d be right if you think you could do better with MS Word 95’s Clip Art; because you probably could. The graphics are only there to create a platform from which to launch a barrage of twisted, irreverent bits of blush-worthy humour and if that was Sutherland’s initial intention, he is brilliant. The monotonous, uninteresting graphics really help the text because nothing at all distracts you from the words you are reading. This means your imagination is kicked into high gear and you can actually picture far more than what could have been created in a 5 x 10 block. It’s brilliant!

faceless bruce sutherland Faceless by Bruce Sutherland

The humour of FACELESS is for a mature adult reading audience. The cover of the book carries a huge warning sign which I think, should be 3 000 bigger, just in case 1 of your kids, or you grandpa accidently picks it up and reads it. His pacemaker will catch a speed wobble and your child’s mind will buckle; guaranteed. If the idea of giggling over a comic strip that makes light of beastiality and adultery makes your Monday, and if you like all your reading material to be one giant sexual innuendo, with a side order of saucy, you’ll have found your holy grail. You also won’t worry that most of the punch lines are old rehashes of some e-mail funnies from back in the day, because when you turn the page, you will get another dose of: “oh my word I can’t believe I just read THAT!”

Heed my warning, people, but make up your own mind and embrace what many South Africans just can’t get enough of, especially those who subscribe to Playboy. Enough said.

To find out more about this great book visit http://bit.ly/FacelessCartoon

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