Exclusive Interview: R&B Artist, Lucan, discusses his First Love

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LUCAN interview

Lucan is 24-year-old songwriter, arranger, and vocalist, crooning his way into the South African R&B scene.

Hailing from humble beginnings as a church boy from Durban, Lucan has strong dreams to further his music footprint throughout the country and beyond. With great confidence he professes great talent and experience going back to singing before large crowd’s since the early age of 7. His first single, “First Love” has opened up new doors and has already been downloaded over 400 times on his ReverbNation page, with over 1000 fans following. We sit down with this young promising artist to discuss his current rise in popularity and his future plans for destined fame.

Jarrod: Let’s start with your story. Who are you, where are you from and how did you get into music?
Lucan: I’m Lucan, no alias; I use my original name on and off stage. I grew up in Durban and lived in Sydendam most of life – until I ended up moving to JHB at the age of 19 due to my Dad’s company relocation. At first I did not want to make the whole move because I was so relaxed in Durban and had lesser goals than I do today. My first love for music started at the young age of 6. Both, my mother and father, where and still are excellent singers. My Dad sat with me and my sister, Laken (also an artist), writing music for us and teaching us vocal chords. We also sang in Church.

Jarrod: So you found your roots in the Church?
Lucan: Yes and I still have ambitions of working on a Gospel album because God gave me this talent and I feel it would be wrong for me to forget my roots.

LUCAN interview

Jarrod: How does a church boy from Durban progress into music in JHB? How did take the next step towards being an artist?
Lucan: Phew… That’s a strong question. Well there are lots of ‘Church Boy’ artists out there – R. Kelly, Trey Songs to name a few. A lot of artists started out in the Church and still do some Gospel work today. I love doing love songs and club songs, something for people to enjoy whether they listen to Gospel or World R&B. My steps to becoming an artist where genuinely because of the strong passion I have for music.

Jarrod: Lucan means light and is also the name of a famous Roman poet. Is there a specific reason you use your name both on and off stage?
Lucan: Yes I am aware of the meanings in my name. I guess I was born to shine and express words of poetry in music to the world. The reason why I use my name on and off stage is because I don’t have a mask or an alter ego. I am Lucan, original and that’s who I will always be. I believe in that.

Jarrod: Would you consider R Kelly and Trey Songs as big influences on your music? Or are there other artists who have had stronger influences on your music?
Lucan: Trey Songs has a great influence on my music, as well as Chris Brown, R.Kelly, Usher and Neyo. But one thing I avoid doing is trying to mimic their style. I want to be unique and noticeable.

Lucan R&B music

Jarrod: What makes your music unique?
Lucan: The fact that I do all my writing. Not that I’m the only one, but I feel that my unique voice stands out. That’s what I actually meant in my previous answer. I have a noticeable voice and most of my fans can pick my voice out on all my tracks. They wouldn’t hear my music somewhere and ask, ‘Who’s this?’

Jarrod: Tell me about the songs you have released.
Lucan: Ok I have ‘First Love’, which is receiving lots of reviews because lots of people absolutely love it and it’s on MIO (Music Industry Online) at the moment. I never thought that specific track would have such a great response but I guess I’m the biggest critic of my music.

Then there is ‘Young One’. Young one means ”girlfriend” in Durban in slang. It’s a song I did featuring a friend of mine, hip hop artist LanO.

I also have another track called ‘Freaky Love’ featuring my sister Laken. She has an excellent voice. I have a lot of fans giving me huge amount of feedback on that track. I have a few others that I’m working on behind closed doors. Then there’s my EP, which I plan to release in 2 or 3 months from now, called ‘Below the belt’. I think it will get me much closer to my dreams. I’m very excited about it.

Jarrod: Are the tracks you mentioned on Below the Belt? Tell us more about that project and how the name came about?
Lucan: None of the tracks I mentioned will be on the EP. They will all be new tracks. The name came about while I was watching something on TV where the phrase came up. I decided it would be a great name for my next project. It has a mysterious and sexy sound to it. I also have a song in mind which goes together with my interpretation of the phrase. It’s a secret at the moment so if the fans want to know more about ‘Below the Belt’ they need to get the EP.

Jarrod: It’s not a sexual reference, is it?
Lucan: Ok, I knew you going to try digging into it. I suppose its self-explanatory. Sexual reference, definitely.

Jarrod: Does your music have strong sexual references? What is your take on that? Are sexual songs harmful to the youth?
Lucan: No, not all my music has strong sexual reference. I feel that it’s wrong for children to be listening to music on a sexual level, but, that type of music is out there already, not that I’m saying that I’m doing it because ‘Trey Songs’ does it. Most of my fans are of the older crowd and would enjoy music on that level. That song is the only song on the EP which will have a strong sexual reference. Also, a parental guidance label will be clear on the EP itself. I do not promote sexual content and will not allow kids to be listening to any of my music should I release more tracks like that.

Lucan Young One

Jarrod: Your background music is very well produced and put together. Do you do this yourself or do you have a producer?
Lucan: In the beginning I started off producing beats, but I struggled with trying to keep up with making the beat, writing the song, recording, making sure it sounds good, editing, mixing and mastering the track. I decided that I needed to stick to writing, singing and editing because it was all too much work. I get beats from producer friends, namely Ecks-Caliber productions.

Jarrod: My final question. How do fans get hold of your music? Is it available for purchase?
Lucan: I’m working on getting my music out in stores, especially with ‘Below the Belt’. In the meantime I will be releasing free downloadable singles on my website www.reverbnation.com/lucan or they can get me on my Facebook Fan Page and they will automatically be up to date with my music and free releases.

Jarrod: Thank you very much for your time Lucan. All the best with your career. God bless.
Lucan: Thank you. Always a pleasure. God bless.

Listen and download: Young One Ft LanO – http://mp3twit.com/fqU
Freaky Love Ft Laken – http://mp3twit.com/fn0

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