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  1. Some interesting info there. Tesla Model S. That would be my choice! What about mentioning the Joule that is to be manufactured in East London from the end of 2013? (

    I would love to go electric just to stick it to the guys that have had us “over a barrel” for so long!! However, there is ZERO cost benefit to me. Without that, the pressures of modern life just don’t allow me to be a “Good Samaritan” with my money. Personally, I am surprised that the government got away with implementing the CO2 tax. (On a side note I would like to know: what are they DOING with that money?) I believe that the Global Warming theory is a hoax anyway – but not the topic of this thread. That being said, that doesn’t mean I am not for cleaner air. Whenever I fly up to Jhb, I am amazed that the “sunlight” is a different colour there – it’s more orange. Looking upward in the distance provides the answer … brown almost chewable air.

    And the final problem frontier of course … the might Eskom! Moving from oil to electric of course will largely depend on them and their state of affairs. Pushing their prices up horrifically also doesn’t help the dilemma. Hopefully they will sort out their issues before electric cars become an actual possibility in South Africa.

    I for one, look forward to the era of the electric car …

  2. Evan Saunders Evan Saunders

    Thanks for the link, I was not aware that East London would be manufacturing an electric car. However, I did mention that I only considered road going electric cars that are currently available for purchase. If you look at the list of cars to start production next year and 2013, the list of cars would quadruple. There are a good number of electric cars on the cards, let’s just hope that they sell well enough to start bringing overall prices down, which would then benefit us all.
    But, yes, Eskom plays a big role in the electric car market in South Africa, solely based on the cost of electricity. Surely they will see this as an opportunity to make more profit and wouldn’t wanna be left behind considering the huge potential. My immediate question is, “what will become huge fuel companies like Shell, BP, Sasol and the likes?” If somehow they can get in on the electric car era, they definately will. But I have seen those companies invest heavily on renewable energy, such as wind turbines, etc. This, then, will be where Eskom finally gets some competition, hopefully reducing electricity costs!
    There is just so much to talk about around this topic, new electric cars, benefits, power shifts, etc.

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