Lois Lane is a strawberry blonde?

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Snyder has done it again! Although it’s still too early to know for certain, new photos and video from the set of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel seem to indicate that Amy Adams will bear strawberry blonde hair (her natural hair colour) in the role of Lois Lane, rather than sporting the character’s traditional dark brunette locks.

While the change probably won’t bother most readers, comic book fans will probably start a toi-toi group. My first thoughts were, “Snyder must be high!” But after some thought – perhaps, just perhaps, this is all part of Snyder’s plan to steer the franchise in a completely new direction.

Just last week some fans, excluding me this time around, had a good rant over the decision to cast Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White. I honestly couldn’t care less about the skin colour of Perry White – it has no significance to the story whatsoever. No matter what your or my opinion is about Lois’s hair or Perry’s skin colour we know one thing for sure; we are in for quite a different Superman come June 2013.

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Checkout the video:

RUMOUR: In other news, ThinkMcFlyThink is reporting the possibility of a Superman meets Batman movie in the works. How true this bit of info is remains to be seen! Would be awesome though, wouldn’t it?

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