The two million dollar home cinema for Batman fan

$2 million Dark Knight Themed Custom Home Theater

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This is what every nerd’s dream home looks like. A luxury home with a plush home theatre designed around The Dark Knight Trilogy by Elite Home Theater Seating.

The Dark Knight home theater is being built in a private home spanning 12,000 square foot in Greenwich, Connecticut. The highlights include 180” film screen with Batsuits on each side, besides the backlit life-size Batsuit standing across the room. There are a total of six Batsuits placed throughout the room. The other details include winged gargoyles, private cylindrical stainless steel elevator with glowing bat symbol, mock secret tunnel exit, bat computers, and race-car inspired home theater chairs to be in tune with the luxurious batmobile vehicles. The Exit gate is designed to look like a secret tunnel approximately 30 feet long.



The two million dollar home cinema for Batman fan

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