10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rocket Raccoon & Groot

Rocket Raccoon & Groot

Let’s be honest, not many of us knew much about the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy characters prior to the film release this year. Who knew that a comic that featured a raccoon firing rockets and a tree beating people could be so awesome? These two characters have stolen the hearts of millions around the world and have lead us to compile a list… 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rocket Raccoon & Groot. “That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg.”

Rocket Raccoon & Groot beatles

1) Rocket Raccoon was inspired by the Beatles 1968 smash-hit, “Rocky Raccoon”. In his first appearance, he was actually called Rocky and not Rocket!

2) For the first 30 years following his creation, Rocket Raccoon only appeared in a total of ten comics! How times have changed!


3) In Groot’s original appearance, he was more of a villain than the hero he is today. Groot was an alien with a genius level intellect that abducted humans for experimentation. Now he is still a genius but with a good cause!

4) In 1997, Groot appeared in Sensational Spiderman #1. He was the creature featured in Peter Parker’s nightmares.

Rocket Raccoon & Groot

5) Groot is not saying I am Groot the entire time! His species suffer from stiff larynxes that make any sentence they say sound like, “I am Groot.” In his first comic appearance, he spoke fluently too!

6) Groot loves mammals. His species of super-intelligent sentient trees and saplings considered themselves to be above their mammal counterparts. The only mammals on his planet were squirrel-looking creatures that served the purpose of maintaining the well-being of the planet. Groot was exiled from his home planet due to the fact that he killed a sapling in order to defend a mammal. Perhaps Rocket reminds him of his old friends. Rocket was genetically engineered by robots in order to be a caregiver in an asylum. His origin has changed over the years, though.


7) Rocket Raccoon can truly understand what Groot is saying. He is not simply making a conversation based on assumptions. Rocket is one of the few beings able to understand the Flora Colossi.

8) Groot is always willing to sacrifice himself for others. He has done this on numerous occasions in order to save his team-mates. Fortunately, he is able to regenerate from a single twig. Rocket always makes sure that he keeps a spring close by in case Groot feels like being a hero.

Rocket Raccoon & Groot

9) The Guardians of the Galaxy was not the first group of heroes that Groot belonged to, unlike Rocket Raccoon who is a Guardian through and through. Groot was once part of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Paranormal Containment Unit’s Howling Commandos.

10) Rocket is able to identify an object without having to make direct contact with it. This is thanks to the whiskers above his claws. He is also able to see well when in the dark, after all Raccoons are nocturnal.

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