Deadpool has made a big impact lately, from ruling Comic-Con to coming up with the most insanely brilliant (and brilliantly insane) marketing strategy in movie history.

The posters have been hilarious. The trailers have blown us away. It has an energy to it which is truly unique. While comic book movies are becoming increasingly cookie-cutter, mass-produced films by the studios – a system which is starting to become tiresome – Deadpool seems to be something special.

It looks like a movie made by fans, for the fans.


Based on what we’ve seen so far it would be great to see this film become a hit. But even if it isn’t, we may just get the anti-hero comic book movie we’ve all been waiting for, and one we can be proud of for getting it right. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things we’re really hoping to see which haven’t shown up in any trailers, and here they are…

1) Origins gets ripped:

If there’s one thing which every Deadpool fan wants to see, it’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine get ripped apart. Ryan Reynolds as a pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson was great… but the handling of Deadpool was so bad that it nearly caused riots. Deadpool is not some parachute pants-wearing loser with swords sprouting from his arms and laser beams shooting from his eyes. It was, as the saying goes, badong on so many levels. It’s time the real Deadpool stood up for himself (and the fans) and literally tore that film apart on-screen.

2) Crazy:

While the trailers have offered up the music of DMX and Salt-N-Pepa to get a funky fighting beat going, there’s one song Deadpool has had in his head for a long time and that’s Patsy Cline’s Crazy. It’s a haunting melody for both his romantic memories of his former life and entirely accurate to his mental state. It’s also a song which seems so out of place with his violent, chaotic existence that it’s a perfectly contrasting fit.


3) Merc’s best friend:

We know that we’re getting Blind Al and Weasel in the movie, but what Deadpool fan doesn’t want to see Deuce the Devil Dog, or even Dogpool? Deadpool’s canine companions have been a wonderful joke over the years, particularly because they don’t actually do anything. It would be great to see one of them briefly early on and then only catch up with them again as a post-credits tag scene, their role in the whole story completely overlooked… as they should be.

4) That Mithras spirit:

While there’s already more than enough story in the film to feature the whole Dead Reckoning story arc, it would be good to see some sort of hint of that for a potential sequel. Sure, the whole Mithras storyline with Deadpool being selected for a role in creating a better world would be way too much. Yet a little appearance from Zoe or Monty at the intergalactic holding company offices of Landau, Luckman and Lake would go a long way. Besides, seeing Herbert and his repeatedly-exploding head would be a hoot!


5) Wolverine’s most gratuitous appearance ever:

You know it’s probably coming. Let’s be honest, after that Origins movie the ol’ Canucklehead kind of owes it to Deadpool. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it would be better being more along the lines of Wolvie’s cameo in X-Men: First Class. Only with Deadpool kicking Wolverine between the legs. Who wouldn’t want to see that?!

6) Turn on the Siryn:

On a more serious note, there’s Siryn. Deadpool may be trying to save his “best girl” Vanessa in this film, but Vanessa isn’t the only girl in Deadpool’s life. Siryn, the daughter of X-Man Banshee, is one of the few women who sees through Deadpool’s insanity and ignores his hideous appearance. She genuinely cares for the guy. Meanwhile, Siryn represents goodness in his life, and given the state of his life that’s saying a lot. While bringing her in as a romantic interest at this stage would be wrong, it would be nice knowing she’s in the wings.


7) What’s so funny ’bout the MCU?:

Why would Deadpool take pot-shots at the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Because he can, and because he isn’t a part of it. The fans know that he’ll never be interacting with any of those stick-in-the-mud Avengers, which means they’re just another pop-culture reference he can mine for bad jokes. If he’s not going to don a blonde wig and a helmet and hit people with a hammer for laughs, it’ll be a missed opportunity. Deadpool makes fun of anything and everyone, and they should be fair game. Speaking of which…

8) Bite the hand that feeds you:

Why should 20th Century Fox, the X-Men franchise and (especially) the box office disaster Fantastic Four movie be exempt from ridicule? They shouldn’t. Deadpool bites the hand that feeds him on a regular basis, making fun of comic books and movies without exception. That’s a part of the joy of him as a character. There’s a lot of material there to mine for comedy, and if he addresses the audience to let us know we’re watching a movie which doesn’t suck as badly as the Fantastic Four did, then his job is done!

9) Man in The Box:

Deadpool isn’t all about the laughs though; if anything, the comedy is just there to off-set the sadness and, when it hits, it’ll hit hard. In the comic books, nothing was as terrifying and disturbing as The Box, Deadpool’s personal torture chamber in his home. While he wasn’t averse to putting Blind Al in The Box from time to time, it was when Deadpool would put himself in there which was truly tragic. His self-pity, bouts of depression and willingness to harm himself in penance for doing anything wrong help to sum up just who he is. He isn’t just the Merc With A Mouth, he’s a complex character we can laugh and cry with.


10) Not in the face!:

We know that under the mask Deadpool is hideous to look at. He’s kind of sensitive about that. He’s so disturbed by his own appearance that he hides behind his mask or a serious of holographic images most of the time. He’s okay letting it all hang out at home with Blind Al, but that’s because she’s blind and can’t see him (duh!). The trailer has shown him being pretty open with his appearance around Weasel, which is a bit odd, and not quite looking as hideous as we’d imagined. Let’s hope they play out his ugliness more, and that we get to see him lose his mask at some stage so that he freaks out and over-compensates. One of the best examples from the comic books was when he wore a box on his head to fight against Cable back in issue 22 of his first series. How could that not work on screen?

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