The 10 Best Fan-Made Movie Trailers

Fan-Made superman doomsday

A trailer can make or break a movie. The good ones are capable of making us overly excited (Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus), while the bad ones (Speed Racer) have audiences running for the hill. But alas, you don’t need to be an editor of a full film to make a trailer any longer (thanks Youtube!). Some fans have taken it upon themselves to create masterful trailers – some for films that don’t even exist. We take a closer look at some of the coolest fan-made trailers over recent years.

1. Thundercats Fan-made Trailer:
Thundercats, a movie that might never ever happen, is the subject of this really great trailer, which features the likes of Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel.

2. Green Lantern Fan Made Trailer:
Before Ryan Renolds disappointed us as The Green Lantern, fans were rooting for Nathan Fillion to get the part. That never happened of course. Here we get to see what could have been.

3. Half Life Fan Made Trailer:

Ever wondered what a Half Life movie would be like? Wonder no more.

4. Marvel Zombies Fan Made Trailer:
Hollywood is spitting out both zombie and comic book films faster than you can say “Aaaarrrrh!!”. Okay, this one is completely ridiculous but super funny.

5. Super Mario Fan Made Trailer:
What if the spaghetti brothers had their very own movie. They did? Sorry, I completely erased that one from my memory. This seems a little better. A little.

6. Justice League Fan Made Trailer:
Can’t wait for Warner Bros. to get their act together with the DC franchise? Have a look at this super cool Justice League trailer.

7. The Dark Knight Rises Fan Made Trailer:
What if Christopher Nolan went a slightly different route? What if Hugo Strange was the villain in the third installment?

8. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Fan Made Trailer:
It’s amazing what people can do with CG these days. Just have a look at this truly awesome He-man clip.

9. Ghostbusters 3 Fan Made Trailer:
Ghostbusters 3 has been in the making for a number of years now. Most of the delays can be attributed to Bill Murray’s unwillingness to return as the lead. This following trailer is a good example of what we could expect. But is Ghostbusters 3 past its sell by date?

10. Superman vs. Doomsday Fan Made Trailer:
Every Superman fan has hoped to see the Doomsday comic being made into a full-length feature film. Tim Burton’s Superman Lives dabbled with the idea, but that project was thankfully shutdown. Take a look at this action packed trailer of Superman versus Doomsday.

Let us know which fan-made trailer you think is the best.

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