10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thor

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With Thor 2: The Dark World hitting the big screen soon, it seems like a good idea to catch up on some interesting and relatively unknown facts about the Norse god from Asgard.

November 2013 will see Thor faced with an enemy that even Odin himself can’t withstand. But just how much do you know about the comic book hero? We’ll put your knowledge to the test. Only true fans are worthy of lifting the Mjolnir hammer. The list below are all true facts about Thor.


1. Thor prefers latte to coffee.

2. Thor was tricked into helping Hitler in World War 2.

3. Thor has his own religious following in 2099, his followers are known as Thorites.<

Movie Trivia:
In 2005, Matthew Vaughn was going to direct this film, describing it as “the birth of a hero, interweaving Gladiator (2000) with Norse mythology.” He went on to direct the superhero films Kick-Ass (2010) and for Marvel X-Men: First Class (2011).


4. Odin had the hammer Mjolnir (which can summon the elements of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning) created for Thor’s 18th birthday. The traditional winged helmet that Thor often wears was also gifted to him as an adolescent from his father.

5. The comic storyline plays out a little different from the first Thor movie. Odin erased Thor’s memories and sent him to Earth in the mortal body of a crippled medical student, Donald Blake, as punishment for almost ending the truce between Asgard and the Frost Giants. This is how Thor met and fell for the nurse, Jane Foster. Thor was powerless and mind swiped for a full decade!

6. Odin was not fond of relationships between gods and mortals. So he created a strange love triangle between Donald Blake, Jane Foster and Thor.

Movie Trivia:
Originally, the persona of Dr. Donald Blake (Thor’s alternate identity/personality) was going to be in the film, and Kevin McKidd was considered for the part.

7. Warrior Madness is a berserker rage Thor experiences. It multiplies his strength by 10. He has proven to be stronger than the Midgard Serpent, which has the strength to crush earth in its grip and pull the planets of our solar system in one go.

8. Thor defeated Captain Marvel/Shazam in the Marvel vs. DC comic run.

Thor is Anthony Hopkins’s first comic book film. He was previously offered the role of Alfred in Batman Begins (2005).

things you didn't know about Thor

9. Thor and Hercules are good friends and rivals. They enjoy testing each other in battle. Most of their battles have ended in draws with no clear winner being determined, but they have bested each other on occasion due to situational victories.

10. It is said that Rune King Thor is powerful enough to be a legitimate opposition to Galactus himself.

Movie Trivia:
Jim Carrey was a long-time favorite and candidate for the role of Loki since The Mask (1994), which indirectly featured Loki (but put in more fame his magic powers).


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