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Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is hitting cinemas March, 26th, and the star-spangled superhero promises that the sequel will be bigger and better with plenty more blockbusting action. With the release date just around the corner, here’s a few facts about Steve Rogers to whet your appetite.

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth, and tell the whole world “No, You Move.” — Steven Rogers

1) Captain America’s parents were Irish. So yes, the captain himself is in fact Irish in ancestry. This is probably why he loves a good fight. His parents were poor Irish immigrants that fled to Manhattan in search of a new life.

2) Steve Rogers was in fact a fine arts student that had a knack for illustration. He was a comic book writer and artist before he became America’s First Avenger.

3) Captain America’s vibranium shield was gifted to him by Franklin D. Roosevelt himself. It is also during the creation of The Captain’s shield that Adamantium is discover by mistake.

Movie Trivia: Chris Evans declined the role three times before accepting the part. After that, he had a meeting with the director and the producers who convinced him to take the role.

4) Captain America trained the first African American superhero to be introduced to mainstream comics; Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. Many consider Falcon to be the Captain’s best friend.

5) Captain America was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir in a battle against the Midgard Serpent.

6) The Captain can lift and then some! He is able to bench press 545kg and he can run a little under 70km an hour.

There’s nothing patriotic about corruption or cover-ups…or defending them. But exposing them, well, that takes a hero. — Steven Rogers

7) During World War II, Captain America sold over a million copies per month, out selling Times magazine! Captain America was a true patriot in both fantasy and reality.

8) Captain America has always stood up for the people and his beliefs are his own. He is not limited or controlled by government. There have been times where he has lost faith in the American government, times when Steve Rogers has changed his identity and costume and donned new names such as: Nomad, The Captain and The man without a Country.

9) Captain America was the first Marvel character to make the transition from comics to film. The First Avenger was also the first Marvel Hollywood hero.

10) Captain America was not the first member of the Avengers or even a founder for that matter. He joined after Thor, Ironman, Wasp, Antman and Hulk. He was recruited to the team in order to keep the Hulk under control and would go on to replace Hulk as one of the team members.

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  1. IHateItWhenAnArticleTitleJustAssumesThings

    Hmm what A surprise, I knew all that, Though going by marvel’s regular continuity Falcon wasnt the first African American Superhero in the marvel universe…. Isaiah Bradley, The Blue Marvel, T’Challa.

  2. Captain America trained the first African American superhero to be introduced to “mainstream” comics; Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. It is worded as mainstream because sure Black Panther and Luke Cage were around but those titles were not as widely distributed and as readily available as Captain America at the time, some have even said that those comics were even limited to certain areas. So The Falcon was indeed the first African American in mainstream Marvel comics. Also T’Challa is not African American…like me he is African African. There are lots of other facts but for the sake of newcomers to the genre I have decided to leave it out, this is intended to get people excited about the upcoming sequel, I am sure you would agree had I gone into more depth there would be lots of movie spoilers and then so many people would hate!

  3. Very good list. #3 is not quite accurate according to canon. Cap’s disc shaped shield is a unique combination of vibranium and iron that was created with an unknown catalyst. Attempts to replicate the process that created it led to the development of Adamantium. Cap’s shield is actually stronger than Adamantium and has the vibration-absorbing qualities of vibranium.

  4. @joseph Adamantium was inadvertently invented by Dr. Myron MacLain in an attempt to recreate his prior discovery, the unique steel alloy known as vibranium…Captain America’s shield. In complete agreement with you Jeff “It is also during the creation of The Captain’s shield that Adamantium is discover by mistake. ” So as you can see I am not saying it that the actual shield is adamantium or composed of it just revealing the way in which adamantium was initially introduced to the Marvel universe. Maybe I should have said the creation of another shield instead, not the initial badboy, so it does not cause confusion.

  5. void2258

    Sorry but current retcon says his shield is a vibranium/proto-adimantium alloy, with proto-adamantium being accidentally discovered during the course of making the shield. They could never figure out how to make more proto-adamantium, but trying is how they got regular adamantium, which is almost as strong.

  6. @void that is what i was going for in a succinct way, no intentions of i being read as the shield was adamantium. But hey the Marvel Universe expands and re-writes so often I guess it has left a little space for a grey area. But thanks for the comments guys :)

  7. Stephen Bitsoli

    Captain America wasn’t recruited to the Avengers to keep the Hulk under control. The Hulk left the Avengers at the end of issue no. 2, fought them alongside Namor in no. 3, and was long gone before Captain America was revived in no. 4.

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