10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about Insomniac’s new Spider-man game, I mean who wouldn’t want to swing through New York clad in red and blue spandex? As Insomniac has been slowly revealing more information about the upcoming game, it seems that all indications are that this could do for Marvel what the Batman: Arkham series did for DC. And while there are loads of speculation about various elements of the Spider-Man game, such as story, villains and cameos, one thing is certain: Peter Parker will have more than enough costumes to don when the game finally releases. With the Spider-Punk and Spider-Man Noir suits already confirmed, we decided to dig deep into Spider-Man lore and decide which other costumes we would like to feature in the upcoming game.

1. Symbiote Suit

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

With the Venom film on the way, why not include the classic Symbiote Suit in the new Spider-Man game? It’s probably one of Spidey’s most recognisable alternate costumes. Peter Parker originally donned the suit when the alien symbiote, later known as Venom, bonded with him. Hopefully, the suit will not include awkward dance abilities.

The suit could increase Spider-Man’s overall strength, allowing players to take on a more tank-like gameplay style when wearing it. This could also be a way of maybe hinting or introducing Venom to the game’s universe.

2. Future Foundation

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

While not the most well-known Spider-Man costume out there, the suit Peter Parker wore after joining the Future Foundation (previously the Fantastic Four), due to the Human Torch’s death, is one of the most striking departures from the red and blue suit we all love. Clad in all white with a black spider icon displayed on the front, most Spider-Man fans either love or hate it. Personally, I think it would make a striking departure from the red and blue.

Strangely enough one of the benefits of this suit is that it never gets dirty, which I guess would be a great ability to have when swinging through the fog-filled streets of New York. The suit is also known for being able to invert its colour scheme when going into “stealth mode”, which could allow players to take on a more stealthy approach to missions.

3. Spider-Man 2099

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

While this spikey version of the Spider-Man suit isn’t worn by Peter Parker, it would make a worthy addition to the line-up. Originating from the far future of 2099, Miguel O’ Hara was a brilliant scientist who, just like Peter Parker, gained his abilities from a spider-related lab accident (why are these so common?).

Peter and Miquel do share some similarities beyond their famous moniker. Both have the proportional strength and agility of a spider and both use webbing to get around (although Miguel is biological in nature). Where things differ is that Miguel, unlike Peter, has retractable talons that enable him to climb walls (and that he can use in combat) and venomous teeth that allows him to paralyze people with a single byte.

Oh, and he can glide thanks to his stylish web cape. Obviously, the gliding part would form part of the suits abilities along with the talons which could open up various new options during combat.

4. Superior Octopus Suit

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

What do you get when you combine a spider and an octopus? Well, that’s what the Superior Octopus suits sets out to answer. Created by Otto Octavius, with the help of Hydra, the suit was created to combine the best aspects of the original Spider-Man suit with Dr Ocks robotic tentacles. Don’t ask why Otto Octavius decides to combine his most hated enemy’s suit with his own tentacles, it’s a long and convoluted tale. All you need to know is that the suit looks awesome and with Insomniac working hard on making each suit feel unique this could possibly be the most unique one.

The suit would be able to not only use the tentacles in combat but for traversing New York as well. This will be an interesting departure from the usual web-slinging.

5. The bombastic Bag-Man

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

Now although this suit has been included in past Spider-Man games, it would be a shame if the Amazing Bag-Man costume didn’t make an appearance.

When Peter Asked Reed Richards to examine the alien symbiote that had bonded himself to Peter he had one small problem, how do you go superheroing if you don’t have a costume? Luckily, fellow superhero and Fantastic Four-member Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) had his back and offered him a spare Fantastic Four suit and a brown paper bag to hide his identity.

While not the best-looking costume out there, there has to be something said about Peter’s ingenuity and resourcefulness. Having Peter beating up bad guys while wearing this suit would be a blast. I have no idea which abilities the suit might include. All I know is that it should be in the game.

6. Peter Porker

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

This might be pushing it but who wouldn’t want a Spider-Man game to include everybody’s favourite neighbourhood spider-pig, Peter Porker. Basically, an anthropomorphized pig version of Spider-Man, Spider-Ham came into being when unassuming Peter Porker was bitten by a radioactive pig.

Yep, that’s right, instead of a pig being bitten by a spider, Spider-Ham was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig. While Peter Porker’s smaller frame could make him faster and easier to squeeze into tight spaces, the main reason this suit should be included is so that we can experience a pig wearing a Spider-Man costume beating up bad guys and saving the day.

7. Zombie Spider-Man

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

I know that the hype surrounding the zombie genre has died down a bit but there is still no doubt that zombies remain a popular part of pop culture. At its height, zombie mania even infiltrated Marvel comics giving birth to Zombie Spider-Man, your friendly neighbourhood brain eater. In this storyline, Peter devoured both Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May as his need for brains intensified.

While not the most kid-friendly costume on the list, having a zombified version of Spider-Man swinging across the New York skyline would be one disturbing (and awesome) sight. When wearing the Zombie Spider-Man costume (skin), Peter could gain a regenerating life bar or increased strength that would make up for his shambling slow zombie pace.

8. Captain Universe Costume

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

Peter Parker first donned what many consider a ridiculous costume when he was possessed by Captain Universe, a cosmic energy akin to the Phoenix Force.

In times of crisis, the “energy” known as Captain Universe would bond itself with a human giving them incredible cosmic powers. While the chromed Spider-Man version of this suit doesn’t really look as bad per se, its thanks to the red webbed mask he has over his mouth that the costume is considered less flattering. And to be honest, the rest of the costume doesn’t look as bad. It’s just that tiny detail that bugs most Spider-Man fans.

Costume looks aside, the Captain Universe Costume could again change up combat quite a bit as Spider-Man would gain the ability to fire beams of energy at his foes and even fly (although this might be difficult to implement in the Spider-Man game).

9. Mangaverse Spider-Man

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

Back when Marvel was trying to cash in on the boom in the Japanese comic industry, they decided to re-design one of their most popular characters, Spider-Man. Unlike classic Peter Parker, Mangaverse Spider-Man was depicted as a ninja and last of the Spider-Clan after his Uncle Ben, the clan’s leader, was killed by Venom.

Sporting a short-sleeved shirt, some stylish sneakers and a backpack emblazoned with a spider logo this costume is a rather big departure from the red and blue spandex we all know. Mangaverse Spider-Man mostly has the same abilities as regular old Spider-Man, although, just as Spider-Man 2099, he is able to produce his own webs.

Being a ninja, this costume could enhance Spidey’s acrobatic skills and speed.

10. Spider UK

10 Costumes The New Spider-Man Game Should Include

Another Spider themed superhero from across the pond, Billy Braddock is the Spider-Man of Earth-833.

Being the patriotic hero that he is Billy designed his costume using both the classic Spider-Man red and blue with webbed accents but combined this with the British flag, similar to Captain Britain’s costume. It’s a quite striking design and one that would make a fitting addition to the new Spider-Man game.

Billy does share most of regular Spider-Man’s abilities although he does seem to lack Peter’s Spider-sense. I guess you can’t always have everything. One question remains though, would Insomniac be able to add a British accent?

Which suits do you want to see in the new Spider-Man game?

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