10 Things You Didn’t Know About Commissioner Gordon

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The world’s most famous police commissioner, James “Jim” Worthington Gordon, needs no introduction. He has been fighting alongside the caped crusader since his very first appearance in Detective Comics #27, making him the first Batman supporting character.

Now that Fox and Warner Bros. TV have cast Ben McKenzie to star as a young Commissioner Gordon we’ll finally get a series that looks at his origin story. In order to get you clued up and excited for the upcoming show, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts you most probably didn’t know about James Gordon.

1) Commissioner Gordon deputised Batman and they worked side by side to uphold the law in Gotham. Frank Miller commented on this aspect of the sixties TV show in Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman (2005), saying: “The worst thing they did on the old TV show was give Batman a badge. You don’t deputize Batman.”

2) Commissioner Gordon is responsible for the creation of Wrath, a villain that is the anti-Batman. A youthful Gordon killed Wrath’s parents after mistaking them for committing a robbery; meanwhile they were sneaking through a window in order to skip out on paying rent. This story has changed since, depicting Wrath’s parents as criminals that Gordon was forced to kill in self-defense.

3) Commissioner Gordon disapproved of Robin. He believed that no child should have to endure the life that the Batman lives.

Movie Trivia:
Batman Begins references the comic, Batman Year One by Frank Miller with Detective Flass, the corrupt cop, being partnered with James Gordon. It further follows the storyline by showing Gordon refusing to turn in the corrupt cops.

4) Commissioner Gordon is not Barbara Gordon’s biological father. She is in fact his niece whom he adopted following the death of his brother and his sister-in-law. The New 52 re-launch has since made Barbara his biological daughter.

5) James Jr., the biological child of Commissioner Gordon, is a serial killer known as the Peter Pan Killer.

6) Not even The Joker’s mental, emotional and physical torture could get him to break his code. Commissioner Gordon is strong in his will and ethical in his approach to apprehending criminals and solving crimes.

Movie Trivia:
Initially Christopher Nolan wanted to cast Gary Oldman as a villain and Chris Cooper as Gordon. Cooper, however, wanted to spend more time with his family so Nolan hit on the unusual idea of casting Oldman as a character who was not a baddie. Kurt Russell, Chris Cooper and Dennis Quaid were considered for the role of James Gordon.

7) Batman reveals his identity to Commissioner Gordon during No Man’s Land in an attempt to mend their relationship, after feeling betrayed by Batman’s absence. Commissioner Gordon refuses to look at his face and turns away.

8) On Earth-8 the commissioner is a member of the undead. Known as Zombie Gordon, he is kept on a chain, Michonne style, by Bat-Soldier.

9) In the Elseworld Commissioner Gordon was a former lover of Selina Kyle.

10) Commissioner Gordon has found out the identities of the Batman, Robin and Batgirl. He just chooses to remain ignorant, denying him from fully completing his investigation into the identities of the Batman family.

Movie Trivia:
In one of the final scenes of The Dark Knight where Harvey flips his coin for Batman, himself, and Gordon, the outcome of the flips foreshadows the future of each of the 3 characters. Batman received “Tails,” the “bad” side; at the end of the film he asked Gordon to blame all of the city’s troubles on him, resulting in the Batman’s reputation being disgraced and scorned. On the other hand, both Gordon and Harvey received “Heads,” the “good” side, and were both honored as heroes at the end of the film.

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