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It’s official, Injustice 2 will be coming to a console near you. While we were anticipating this inevitable announcement, finally seeing the game in action has us all hyped for its release. Currently, NetherRealm Studios have shown us eight of the characters that will form part of the game’s roster of heroes/villains. These include Aquaman, Atrocitus, Batman, Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Now seeing these heroes/villains in action has us thinking which other heroes/villains we would like to see included in the new Injustice game. Below is our list of 10 Characters That Should Be Included In The Injustice 2 Game.

Poison Ivy

1. Poison Ivy

Born Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy was created after a lethal dose of plant toxins gave her immunity to all toxins and the ability to control living plant matter. These abilities should give her great offensive and defensive capabilities in Injustice 2. She could use her vines to slow down/entrap her opponent or even to attack them from a distance. Her immunity to various poisons means that she would be able to use these against her opponent without it affecting her. These powers could cause paralysis or even confusion. Who wouldn’t want to see everyone’s favorite plant manipulating villain go up against the likes of Green Arrow or Flash?


2. Red Hood

Red Hood, the alter ego of Jason Todd, who was originally trained by Batman to take on the mantle of Robin, would make a great counterpoint to Batman and Nightwing. Where both these heroes prefer non-lethal ways of taking care of business, Red Hood shows no such restraint and prefers more lethal methods. This, of course, means that for most of his attacks he would be using either guns or explosives to do the job and, as a nod to his former mentor, he could have some basic attack moves that resemble those of Batman. Seeing as the Joker played such a critical part in the previous game and with the history between him and Jason Todd, it would be interesting to see how NetherRealms would incorporate this into the narrative of the game.


3. Darkseid

Darkseid is one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe. As the primary rival to Superman, it is strange that he never appeared in the first game. Darkseid is the lord and ruler of a planet called Apokolips which he governs with an iron fist. His goal is to uncover and acquire the Anti-life equation which would allow him to conquer and rule the universe by eliminating free will. Besides Darkseid’s unmatched strength, his signature Omega beams would not only make a great offensive weapon but would work really well as part of his super move. We have a good feeling that the ruler of Apokolips might be making his appearance in Injustice 2. Who knows Darkseid might even be the main antagonist.

Booster Gold

4. Booster Gold

Booster Gold is a charismatic hero (that’s debatable) from the future. All his abilities come from the various technologically advanced equipment he “borrowed” from the Metropolis Space Museum. These include a Power suit (that gives him super strength), gauntlets (that emits blasts of energy), goggles (that can augment his vision) and a Legion of Superheroes ring (that grants him flight). He could use his equipment for defensive and offensive moves, from his energy blasts to the ability to fly. Booster Gold has a great sense of humor which he would bring to the game, sort of like Johnny Cage did in the Mortal Kombat series. He would also fit into the narrative quite easily, as he uses his time travel abilities in the comics to undo the evils of the past, which in this case would be the rise of Superman.


5. John Constantine

Although Constantine might not be the most physically imposing of the DC characters, he makes up what he lacks in brute force with his proficiency in the mystical arts. Most of his abilities tend to be defensive, these include trickery, blocking attacks/negating them and even reflecting damage back to his opponents. He also has access to an arsenal of magical items which he could use offensively. With Constantine having played a part in the Injustice prequel comic, he already has a grudge against The Man of Steel and it’s about time that he got a chance to face him in battle.


6. Vixen

It seems that Vixen has been gaining more attention recently, from her appearances in the DC animated shows such as The Brave and the Bold to her recent guest appearance on the Arrow television series. Vixen’s magic amulet lets her take on the abilities of several different animals. This makes her well suited for Injustice 2 as she could use different animal abilities for both defensive and offensive purposes. These abilities could also be linked to the Injustice trait system making each of her traits an animal ability/stance, this could mean that she would have more traits than the other fighters making her very technical fighter to play. I have to mention that either Vixen or Animal Man would fit into this role perfectly.


7. Firestorm

As with Vixen, Firestorm has been reintroduced to the masses, thanks to the Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow television series. After a nuclear accident, High school student Ronnie Raymond and Nobel-prize winning physicist Martin Stein gained the ability to fuse into one entity named Firestorm. Although he has some obvious offensive abilities, such as his increased strength, speed, and signature fusion blasts, Firestorm also has the ability to absorb massive amounts of energy and phase through objects, these abilities would work great when used defensively. Narrative wise it would be great to see Ronnie and Martin disagree about Superman and his regime, this could create some interesting conflict in Injustice 2.


8. Deadshot

With the release of the Suicide Squad movie around the corner, it seems pretty likely that DC would want Deadshot included in the roster for Injustice 2. Although Deadshot doesn’t have any special abilities his is considered a deadly marksman with both long range and short range weapons and can hold his own in a fistfight. So basically, Deadshot relies mostly on guns, and what makes a better offensive weapon than that?


9. Zoom

Who does the fastest man in the world fear the most? The person who is faster than them. After introducing Zoom in the Flash television series, it would be great to have Flash face off against his nemesis. Not only can Zoom rival the Flash in the speed department, by manipulating the speed at which time flows around him, he would also go to any lengths to make the Flash suffer. This would make him the perfect addition to Injustice 2. It would be great if the costume from the Flash television series is used rather than the standard pallet swapped one, as we find the one from the television series a lot more intimidating, and dare we say scary. In Injustice, the villains lacked a speedster. This time, they would be foolish not to have one in their team.


10. Bizzarro

Who could go toe-to-toe with The Man of Steel (except Batman)? Who else than everybody’s favorite reverse Superman, Bizzarro. Although he can’t possibly match Superman in a contest of wits, he definitely can take him on physically. Bizzarro’s suite of abilities is basically the reverse of Superman’s, for instance, freeze vision and fire breath. Bizzarro, would probably play similar to Superman. It’s not like NetherRealm haven’t done this before (we’re looking at you MK1 Scorpion and Sub-Zero). What would make him a great addition is that fact that he is a fun character and seeing how NetherRealms would incorporate him into the narrative of the game would be interesting.

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